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Volare Software Named Best Custom Software Developer in Denver by
Volare Software listed as a top web development company in the U.S.
Volare Software ranked among top web development companies
Volare Software among top Denver web design companies
Volare Software working with U.S Air Force
Volare Software Ranked One of the Top 50 Software Development Companies in the United States
Volare Software among best mobile app development companies in 2019
Volare Software recognized as a Leading Colorado B2B Development Company
Volare Software celebrates 10-year anniversary
Volare Software named Top Custom Software Developer in Denver
Volare Software Sponsors Colorado Give Camp
Altitude app is now in the Windows Store!


Reusing Kendo UI settings to make your app's UI patterns consistent
Combining batch edit and detail template edit on a Kendo UI grid
Optimizing bundle size with Telerik ASP.NET Core controls, Bootstrap, and Webpack
Mocking calls with Jasmine
Stop wasting time with enums in C#
Fix for Cisco AnyConnect hanging on Hostscan is waiting for the next scan
Setting up ESLint with webpack
Working with two sets of ESLint rules for legacy ES5 and modern JavaScript using Gulp
Convert callback JavaScript to async/await
A quick look at NDepend
Lazy load off-screen images with lazysizes
Trim unused CSS selectors with PurifyCSS and webpack
Working with the latest JavaScript syntax on your project today
Tree shaking with Bootstrap 4 and webpack
Faster Karma test runs that work in VSTS with Chrome headless browser
Getting HTTP/2 working with Azure CDN
Tree shaking with Font Awesome and webpack
Upgrading FontAwesome from 4 to 5
Concatenating and decoding strings from a one-to-many table in SQL
True is Truthy, but Truthy isn't the same as True
Is ASP.NET relevant to modern web development?
Getting started with Bower on an ASP.NET MVC project
Introduction to ASP.NET MVC
Cache busting with RequireJS and R.js in an ASP.NET MVC app
Optimizing JavaScript and CSS files using RequireJS and R.js in an ASP.NET MVC app
Adding RequireJS to an ASP.NET MVC project
Using Bootstrap 3 radio button groups with Knockout 3 data bindings
Getting the SQL and Parameters out of Dapper for display in Glimpse
Prefiltering a Kendo UI grid with an OData data source
Getting started with TimelineJS
Setting default values for Kendo UI and DataTables controls
Combining JavaScript bundling, minification, cache busting, and easier debugging
Using Kendo UI grid with Web API and OData
Integrating Kendo UI drop downs with Knockout JS
Resizing a Kendo UI drop down to fit its data without wrapping
SpecFlow and WatiN Worst Practices: What *NOT* to do
Fix for weird errors in MVC4 when adding a new Area
Showing and saving user settings in a Windows 8 app with JavaScript
Sharing data from within your Windows 8 app using JavaScript
Building a Windows 8 Live Tile with JavaScript
Adding and styling dynamic content in jQuery Mobile pages
Making your ASP.NET MVC app look decent on an iPhone or iPad
Using Visual Studio 2012 Test Explorer with NUnit and SpecFlow
Making spiffy buttons with CSS and MVC Razor helpers
Deploying Reports Built with SSRS 2008 R2 to SSRS 2008 non-R2
Push to AppHarbor on every push to GitHub
Rails vs .NET
Sessionless MVC without losing TempData
Running SpecFlow and WatiN tests with TeamCity and AppHarbor
Why I'm using Moq instead of Rhino Mocks these days
Fixing screen saver wait time of 999 minutes on a Dell laptop
Using CRM auto filtering in custom reports with complex SQL
Autocomplete dropdown with jQuery UI and MVC
HtmlEncode and UrlEncode aren't the same thing
Sessionless MVC 3
SpecFlow isn't just a WatiN Wrapper
Push your logic to the core
Stop making hay
MVC Views in Depth
Generated unit tests are a net negative
Setting Default Values for Multiple Value Parameters in Reporting Services
Introduction to ASP.NET MVC 2
Using the Should assembly for testing
Don't mock HttpContext
Do we still need coding standards?
What's New in MVC 2?
Unit testing untestable code
REST-like behavior with MVC instead of WCF
Increasing Testability
Unit Testing and Mocking with NUnit and Rhino Mocks
Intermediate ASP.NET MVC - Part 2
Should you use MVC on your next project?
MVC 2: Electric Boogaloo - What's new in MVC 2
Why Web Forms isn't as bad as it used to be
Specifying Args with Rhino Mocks
Introduction to ASP.NET MVC - Part 1
Moving a VM to another machine
Windows 7 Install
Comparison of Typemock Isolator and Rhino Mocks
Validation frameworks in ASP.NET MVC
Where should validation go?
Review of Sharp Architecture
Which IoC container should I use?
Handling Exceptions in ASP.NET MVC
Evolution of a View in ASP.NET MVC
The case for TDD
Why bother writing unit tests?