I've got a work laptop with a VMware virtual machine.  But I wanted to move it to my slightly faster personal rig, with the nicer keyboard, mouse, dual monitors, etc.

So I shut down the VM on the work laptop and copied it over to the personal machine.  Then I downloaded and installed the VMware Player to the new machine, copied the VM to it, and opened it up.  I got a prompt asking if I "moved" or "copied" the VM.  I chose "copied".

The VM spun for a little while, and then there was some gibberish message about VT being possible but disabled on the host.  VT = Vermont?  VT = Virginia Tech? VT = WTF?  I did what professional developers are trained to do in these situations.  I ignored it and clicked OK.

The VM said "Windows in Loading Files." but it kept rebooting over, and over, and over.

I got a tip from David Yack to check the BIOS settings.  I have a Dell Latitude, so your mileage may vary here, but in my BIOS settings, I go to Post Behavior, then Virtualization, then set it to Enabled, then save settings and reboot.

That worked!