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Volare Software specializes in API development for system integration
and workflow management for business processes automation.

Established 2009. Based in Denver, Colorado (US)
and Hilversum, North Holland (NL).

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API Development (REST, GraphQL, gRPC)

We use APIs to host back-end code for web and mobile apps and to integrate with your other enterprise applications. No more importing/exporting data to integrate. We use ASP.NET, C#, and SQL Server to develop APIs using REST, GraphQL, SOAP, or gRPC protocols. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure what you need. We will look at the systems that will call your new API and see which API formats they support.

Workflow Management

Do you have complex workflows that hang sometimes and you can't tell where things are in the process? Workflow management shows you where processes stop working and where the bottlenecks are. Workflow processes can be a combination of both automated and manual work. Changing a record in one system can fire off a workflow to route the newly collected data to the right systems and people, get their approvals and signatures, send out notifications to other systems and people, and much more.

Business Process Automation

Do you have manual processes that are taking too long or have too much human error? Business process automation can streamline a business for simplicity, achieve digital transformation, increase service quality, improve service delivery, and contain costs. We can automate your business processes with a combination of custom code, APIs, data import/export, workflows, robotic process automation (RPA), and email/SMS text messages.

System Integrations

Got systems in your company that don't talk to each other, much less work together? We build enterprise-grade custom software apps that link to other systems with APIs, event queueing systems, and direct database connections. Your existing apps and systems can talk to your new app, and vice-versa.

Serverless Functions

Are you spending a small fortune on cloud services from constantly running virtual machines? Or do you need big bursts of computing power, but only sometimes? Serverless computing and serverless functions might make sense. Serverless functions are single-purpose functions that start up, do their work, then shut down until they are called again. When they are not running, you are not paying. We use Azure Functions running in Microsoft's cloud so your functions can scale up or down at busy or slow times, like your shipping calculator serverless function running on Black Friday.


Does it take forever to put out a new release of your app? Microservices are narrow purpose apps that expose an API. Think of something like a SMS sending service. Other teams don't need to know how it works, but they can call it from their apps. Microservices can use their own technology stack, have their own development teams and deployment schedules, and can scale up or down as needed.

Cloud or Local Integrations

Deploying to the cloud means only paying for the server time you use, and someone else manages the physical servers and their upkeep. We can move your APIs and workflows to Microsoft's Azure cloud, or we can deploy them to your on-premises servers. We can also get you started with serverless computing for even greater cost savings and scale.

Business Savvy Developers

We start by asking questions to understand the need behind the software. Are you opening a new market? Automating a manual process? Looking to make data-driven business decisions? Our developers know you don't really want software, you want a solution to your problem. This mindset is crucial in knowing where to invest development time.

Agile Software Development Process

Using an agile software development process means you always know what we are building, and we are always working on your top priority features. In fact, the more involved you are and the more feedback you give us, the more the software will match your vision. You can see our work in progress any time or change requirements any time, and you'll have working software at the end of every iteration.

Our Clients

We working with our clients and their customers and appreciate the trust they put in us to deliver their software solutions.

U.S. Air Force
U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Kaiser Permanente
Freemotion Fitness
Jeffco Public Schools
Amerit Fleet Solutions
Larimer County
Adapt Global
Peak Cycles

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Amerit Fleet Solutions MTS
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As a Fleet Systems Senior Project Manager within a Fortune 50 telecommunications company with over 116,000 fleet units, I’ve had the privilege of working with Volare Software on a comprehensive TechDev project for about five years now. Since the inception of the project in 2013, Joe Wilson and his team have developed hands down one of the finest Fleet Management Systems in the Fleet industry.

Volare Software particularly excelled at quickly grasping fleet-related operational nuances and structures, which helped them to translate our oftentimes complex concepts and business requirements into highly innovative, efficiency-driving and cost-reducing solutions Their Agile SDLC approach and their impressively reflexive client support led to truly unprecedented release cycle times and client satisfaction.

I readily endorse Joe and the rest of the Volare Software team considering the great work they produce!

David Sharp, Jr.

Senior Process Manager, Global Fleet Operations
Confidential Fortune 50 Company

5 out of 5 stars

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